Since the launch on Indiegogo, the Flow Hive has been in a constant state of evolution, with innovation at the forefront of the design process.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our product, finding and utilising sustainable timber sources and now, for the first time, we have introduced in-house timber manufacturing, allowing us to continue to find a better way.

The use of various different timber manufacturers on this journey has resulted in some minor sizing differences between our Flow Hive models, however, these should not impact on the ability to use your Flow products in conjunction with existing Langstroth equipment.

Flow Hive & Flow Frame weights and dimensions

Shipping box weights and dimensions

All dimensions & weights included here are for the product flat-packed in its shipping box. Timber components and Flow Frames ship in separate packages.

Flow Hive Brood Box Measurement Comparison Table

There are minor sizing differences between some of our Flow Hive models – please find brood box measurements below. For more information on stacking boxes made from different timber types or styles, please see our FAQ here.

Flow Frame dimensions can be found here.