Adding brood boxes or supers of different wood-types
Here you can see the minor difference between the Flow Hive 2 Cedar and Classic Araucaria Brood Box

Due to varying supply sources and manufacturers, the thickness of timber can be slightly different across some products. There are size differences between the wood sources – Cedar, Araucaria or Paulownia and also between the different styles of hives, including Classics, Flow Hive 2 and Flow Hive 2+. This means that if you mix brood boxes or supers of different timber-type or style, there may be a gap between the boxes of up to 5mm.

Although this gap should not be big enough to allow bees to escape, the boxes will not sit completely flush with each other. The handles and fixtures on the boxes may also look a little different.

The internal dimensions of the hive should still align, so it will still function correctly. You should centre the brood boxes so that only a small overhang will appear on all sides rather than on just one panel.

If you are mixing different timber or style types, there can be an issue with fitting the roof on - i.e. an Araucaria roof may not fit a Cedar Super, and a classic roof may not fit a Flow Hive 2 or 2+ brood box.

Lots of Flow beekeepers choose to mix-and-match timber types and styles, without any qualms.

Please contact our customer support team for clarification on sizing if you are concerned about product compatibility.

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