As with many beekeeping questions, opinions vary greatly on this one.

Many factors can affect this decision, including local climate and colony size – so it's a great idea to consult with local beekeepers, or jump onto our Community Forum to assist in finding the perfect set up for you.

In our experience, either one or two brood boxes work well. In our region (Northern NSW, Australia) we have found that running a single brood box will lead to honey being stored in the Flow Frames much earlier, especially when your bees are using them for the first time.

If you decide to use two brood boxes and are concerned about a slow uptake on your Flow Frames, it is possible to add the Flow Super first on a single brood box. Once the colony expands and the Flow Super is totally packed with bees storing nectar to turn into honey, then add a second brood box or honey super to give the colony more space if needed. Please note, it is important to consult with local experienced beekeepers to ensure that this practice will suit your climate.

Read our FAQ on using brood boxes with hives made from different wood types.

Need an extra Brood Box?

Spare brood boxes are always handy to have, whether for swarm catching, hive splitting or for adding extra space. Check out our brood boxes here.

Flow Brood Boxes