Yes, all Flow Hives need to be opened for inspection, just like regular beehives. This is an important activity in monitoring your hive for pests and disease.

The number of inspections needed per year varies a great deal. In places with a high level of bee disease, many beekeepers open and inspect each hive every month or six weeks during the spring and summer.

During winter it’s best to avoid any hive or brood inspections when the weather is cold as it is dangerous to expose them to low temperatures (anything under 15°C) by opening up the hive, so keep it closed.

We recommend that all Flow Hive owners consult with local beekeepers on how to best treat pests and diseases for your area.

Please review our Pests and Diseases resource for further information regarding individual pests like AFB, varroa mites and more.

For more details information regarding pests and diseases consider joining - an online beekeeping course.