It’s important to ensure that your Flow Hive roof is weatherproof to keep your colony safe and dry.

If the roof of your Flow Hive is leaking, consider the following treatments:

  • Paint the roof with a standard exterior-grade paint. A couple of thick coats of paint can be enough to seal small leaks. Ensure you work the paint into the small gaps, and apply paint liberally to the joints between each of the roof panels.
  • Apply a sealant externally to the joints between panels and any holes or areas that may be admitting water (e.g. silicone roof and gutter sealant). We recommend discussing your needs with your local hardware shop to determine the most appropriate product available.

A strong colony of bees who have access to the roof cavity may also resolve water leaks, as the bees themselves will fill any gaps with their propolis and create their own weatherproofing.

For more information on weatherproofing your hive, see our FAQ: Do I Need to paint my Flow Hive?

Leaking roof
We recommend painting the roof with a standard exterior-grade paint