If you’re considering exploring the fascinating world of bees with a Flow Hive, it’s important to ensure that you purchase a genuine Flow product from an authorised seller to avoid disappointment.

Flow products are:

  • Made from the highest quality food-grade plastic and are BPA & BPS free, which means they’re safe for bees
  • The only proven product on the market with over 14 years of testing and research
  • Proudly Australian Made and B Corp certified
  • Come with a product warranty and excellent customer support

Don’t risk your bees or your wallet with cheap counterfeit versions. To read more about the risks, visit our page here.

Flow products are available online here:

We also have a number of Authorised Flow Resellers who you can find listed here.

We believe Flow to be the gentlest beekeeping system ever developed, and are so pleased that so many others feel the same way.