The timber included in our products is made from naturally grown resources making each hive slightly different in character (sometimes even individual panels in the same hive).

We are passionate about our ecological footprint and have made the decision to minimise waste and to utilise as much timber as possible during manufacturing.

Timber components for our products may arrive with an array of colour variations – for Western Red Cedar you can expect to see yellowish-white to a dark reddish-brown, for Araucaria white to cream or light brown and for Paulownia white to pale cream.

Timber & its natural colour variations

The timber may also include small cosmetic inconsistencies such as timber knots, growth rings and minor chips. These natural timber characteristics will not affect the functionality of your product and may even add to the character and uniqueness of your hive.

You can find more information on our ethical timber sourcing here.

Our beehives are designed for outdoor use and will be exposed to the elements making them susceptible to wear over time. We recommend providing additional protection for your timber components to increase their longevity.