All of our Flow Hives essentially function in the same way and allow you to discover the joys of beekeeping with the extra benefit of easy honey harvesting.

The Classics are our much loved original range of hives, while the Flow Hive 2 and 2+ are our latest models and offer a few extra features, including:

  • Optional integrated adjustable hive stand
  • 2x inbuilt spirit levels
  • Ventilation control
  • Multifunctional pest management tray
  • Mesh base screen
  • Improved handles
  • Premium brass fixtures
  • 2 windows in the Flow Super
  • Harvesting shelf kit
  • Inner cover with plug
  • Handy assembly tool

In addition to these features, the Flow Hive 2+ has:

  • Entrance reducer
  • Flow ant guards™
  • More durable and sustainable multifunctional poly tray

If you're having trouble deciding which is the perfect hive for you, we've created the following chart to help you choose the hive which can best suit your needs.