We are currently out of stock of UK National sized Flow Supers. However, it is possible to use a 7 Frame Flow Super on a UK National hive or to adapt our Flow Frames to fit in your UK National hive. It’s also possible to adapt UK National brood frames to fit in the Flow brood box.

Comparing UK National supers/brood boxes to Flow Hives

A UK National is a type of beehive which is shorter and wider than a Langstroth 10-frame or Flow 7 frame.

UK National and Flow Brood box dimensions

Using a Flow 7 frame super on a UK National hive

A Langstroth is slightly longer and narrower than a UK National, in fact, you can put a Flow Super Classic 7 Frame (equivalent in size to a 10 frame Langstroth beehive) on a UK National and it will just cover the outside ends of the UK National sized box. If you're willing to leave the ends like this then you can just add some straight pieces of wood or plywood to cover the gap between the narrower Flow Super Classic and the UK National. A triangular section of wood about 60mm (2.5") wide on each side of the Flow Super would do it.

Adapting Flow Frames to fit in a UK National super

If you are keen you can adapt a UK National super and shorten the Flow Frames as follows:

Begin by taking off the cables (on a table so that it doesn't completely disintegrate) and removing pairs of 'blades'. Each pair is 11.8mm (0.466"). You will have to measure how much shorter it needs to be and divide this by the above figure. You will need stainless steel tie-wire of around 1mm diameter to rebind the whole thing together. Remember to cross the wire (figure 8 shape) to support the base and top of the frame and twist it to tighten. 8 of these frames will fit in a UK National.

Please note, while we encourage the creative use of our product, disassembly or modification of your Flow Frames from their original format will void your warranty. To adapt a UK National you will have to view our Langstroth box modification videos and adapt that to the UK National design. A UK National deep box is higher than a Lang deep. You will have to cut it back around three sides to bring it down to the correct height, a bit tricky.

Installing a UK National nuc into a Flow Hive Brood box

UK National brood frames can be adapted to fit in our Langstroth brood frames. Because they are narrower than the Flow brood frames, the UK national standard or shallow frames can be attached within the Flow brood frames, leaving a space on either side.

Over time, you can gradually cycle the adapted frames out of your hive.

If the UK National frames are foundationless, you can also cut the comb out and rubber band it into place within the Flow/Langstroth brood frame.

Example of a UK National brood frame in a Flow brood frame.