All Flow Hives need to be opened for inspection, just like regular beehives. This is an important activity in monitoring your hive for pests and disease.

The number of inspections needed per year varies a great deal. In places with a high level of bee disease, many beekeepers open and inspect each hive every month or six weeks during the spring and summer.

Experienced beekeepers observe the behaviour of bees at the hive entrance and can usually judge whether they need to open the hive for further inspection.

We suggest getting in contact with a local beekeeping club, as they should be able to advise how often you should be inspecting your colony, as they will have the information most relevant to your locality and area. For this reason, they will also be the best resource for all general beekeeping information.

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Beginner Beekeeping - Brood Inspections

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How to do a brood inspection