Yes, beekeeping is a wonderful learning experience!

The Flow Hive makes extracting the honey easy. While this saves much of the work involved in keeping bees, you will still be spending time observing your bees and inspecting the hive to ensure your bees are healthy.

When keeping bees, it’s important to keep an eye on the health of your hives and the easiest way to learn about how to care for your bees is to consult with experienced beekeepers.

Most regions have a beekeepers’ association who can advise you if you need to register your hive and other local relevant regulations. They can also help you to get your hive started and make routine inspections for pests and diseases. Hive inspections involve opening up the hive, so you will need protective gear such as a hive tool, smoker, bee suit and gloves to do this.

We encourage you to join a local beekeeping club and join online discussions on our Community Forum.

Want to learn more?
Our online Beginner Beekeeping Course features expert-led advice on getting your first hive started. Any time, any device. Whether you are a newbee or an experienced beekeeper wanting to refresh your skills, our beginner beekeeping course has handy tips and information to get you started on your beekeeping journey with confidence.