Bees typically fill frames from the centre moving outwards. As the ends of the Flow Frames are visible through the rear window of the Flow Super, it is possible to see when the Flow Frames are ready to harvest.

It is worth having a look at the bees regularly through this window as you’ll get to know your hive and it doesn’t disturb the bees. You will see the bees depositing honey in the cells and, when the cells are full, sealing them with a wax capping.

When the end cells are full and capped this generally indicates that the honey is ready or ripe. There is no hurry though, the sealed honey will keep until it is convenient for you to drain it out of the hive.

If it is your first time harvesting from your hive, we do recommend that you open the hive (with a smoker and protective gear) and lift out the Flow Frames for inspection, so that you get to know what that end-view window is telling you. With this experience, after a while, the end view will tell you what is happening within the hive, and when the Flow Frames are ready to harvest.

Also check out our harvesting checklist.

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