It is possible to freeze your Flow Frames. This is a good method of storing your frames at the end of a season, especially if your bees didn’t manage to cap all the honey in a frame, and you’ve not yet harvested. Though you can also store Flow Frames in a freezer if they are empty.

Freezing your frames is a good way to ensure any pest larvae that may be lingering, is killed off before they are stored or re-added to the hive.

While placing the Flow Frames in a freezer doesn’t impact the frames themselves, we have observed that freezing seems to change the nature of wax and propolis, wherein it becomes more brittle, or breakable.

Prior to freezing, you might like to put the frames in a plastic bag, to reduce mess in your freezer and to keep your frames clean.

To defrost, you can remove the frames from the freezer a few hours prior to placing them back in the hive.