Thanks to the huge public support for our crowdfunding campaign, and the fantastic buzz that Flow's revolutionary honey harvesting technology has created around the globe, Flow Hives have now been delivered to over 50,000 customers in 138 countries around the world.

We know that Flow technology has enormous potential, and we've looking for like-minded individuals and companies globally as we feel that in some areas a local presence will be able to reach and serve customers more effectively than we can.

For those who have applied so far, our sincere thanks. It has been a pleasure to read the very wide range of enthusiastic applications and we are very grateful for the many visions of business for positive change that have been shared with us on this journey.

Now that Flow Hive customers are established in most counties, (and we have an awesome team who know all about global shipping) we want to take our Flow International Distribution Network Programs to the next level.

To ensure your time is well utilised, the information below outlines the types of Flow relationships we are keen to establish. If this honestly doesn’t sound like you, then probably best not to apply as, quite sincerely, we don’t want to waste your time.

Flow considers each individual application carefully, as any appointment is an important decision that greatly impacts the quality of the Flow customer experience. Ensuring the highest level of Customer Service and Customer Support remains our priority at all times.

Our goal is to gather a very limited number of like-minded individuals and businesses who become the Flow Hive family for their region. The Flow ethos ofequally combining the strongest of environmental and business ethics while applying practical business experience, alongside each individual person striving for excellence and to always interact with others showing kindness, honesty and integrity are what we seek from all participants in our International Network. To this end we are seeking applications for the following 2 programs within our International Distribution Network:-

  1. Flow Authorised Resellers
  2. Flow Certified Ambassadors

A brief overview of each Flow Program is:

  1. Flow Authorised Reseller - This is the Flow version of a more traditional business approach where the Reseller purchases our products & then resells them to the beekeeping end user via their established business, always supporting the end-users beekeeping journey. The details will be mutually agreed according to how Flow optimally fits into the wider and established business, plus of course, the customers’ needs.

Our Resellers currently range from highly personalised micro-businesses based at local Farmers Markets, through to much larger, yet still very personalised and customer-focused companies, who have many dozens of retail stores - sometimes across entire countries.

  1. Flow Hive Ambassador - where, via demonstration and discussion of the Flow Hive, the Flow Ambassador generates the impetus for a customer to purchase a Flow Hive via our website. The Ambassador may already be a beekeeping educator, a Flow mentor, the owner of a glorious garden with a Flow Hive, a boutique beekeeper who sells their delicious Flow Honey at a local market, a gourmet cafe using their own Flow Honey, a community group who keep bees together, or simply a passionate beekeeper who (along with the rest of the Flow team) finds joy in the simple pleasure of working with bees and want to share their passion with family, friends and wider community networks. In doing this, the Ambassador receives a reward with our thanks.

Below are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we have received from those interested in becoming involved in our International Distribution Network. Please, can you read them carefully to assist determining if a Flow Program is suitable for you.

If you are interested in becoming involved in a Flow International Distribution Network Program, and it really does sound like you, we absolutely welcome and invite you to apply by filling in the most relevant questionnaire:-

Form A - Large Businesses (Flow Authorised Reseller)

Form B - Individual or Small Business (Flow Authorised Reseller)

Form C - Ambassador Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have beekeeping experience?

All applications must include someone who is both:-

  • An experienced beekeeper and;
  • Has personal experience with a Flow Hive (optimally applicants already have a Flow Hive).

Flow is firmly committed to all those involved in our International Network having both beekeeping and personal Flow Hive experience.

Everyone knows that personal experience is critically important when discussing the merits of a product, or when answering questions about how it operates. We believe that this is especially important as beekeeping is an ancient activity so full of tradition, and the Flow Hive may appear to represent a change to that tradition. Personal experience enables all discussions about the Flow Hive to be truly authentic as it then also comes from personal experience and ensures the element of local beekeeping expertise is included in the discussion.

Do Flow beekeepers still need to learn about beekeeping?

Yes, of course. Flow considers learning about beekeeping and how to optimally look after bees is an absolutely critical part of responsible beekeeping and is an ongoing and lifelong journey. Supporting the health of every bee colony is essential to a single apiary, as well as the bees of the whole region.

All those involved with the Flow International Network must have experience as beekeepers. With this approach, both new and returning beekeepers are ensured optimal support with general beekeeping queries, specific Flow queries and relevant local beekeeping knowledge, plus local advice on where to go for ongoing learning about their new hobby. In most areas, this involves recommending a local beekeeping mentor or to join a local Beekeeping Club or Association.

Can I get exclusive Distribution or Reseller Rights in my region or Country?

We do not give 'exclusive rights' to any distribution types or regions, however, we do ensure that our 'quality over quantity' (regarding participants in our Distribution Network) is maintained while focussing on supporting the customer as much as possible. Our goal is to have a very limited Distribution Network with every person and organisation in that network sharing Flows priorities & ethos.

Can you send me a Flow Hive to try (free of charge)?

We do not supply hives free of charge to anyone, anywhere. All hives must be purchased. Once a participant has qualified for involvement in one of our distribution programs, then we offer some discounts, however never beforehand.

Can you please tell me; how the Flow Hive works/how the Flow Frame operates/are the Flow Frames food safe/how does the Flow Hive differ from other hive types/does the Flow Hive work in my region/how long does a Flow Frame last(and so on)?

The Flow websites and Blogs contain many 1000s of questions and answers on these any many many more topics. There are also 100s of videos that educate the viewer on the Flow Hive.

Do you have a Flow Hive Reseller or Ambassador in my area?

We have quite a number of outstanding Resellers and Ambassadors already involved in our Programs, with more wonderful applicants currently engaged in our onboarding process. However, every region and market varies significantly, so, if it sounds like you, we do welcome your application and will get back to you as soon as possible with a response.